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5 Types of PPE ?

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Let us remember that the primary function of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is to protect the user against potential health and/or safety risks. They are accompanied by a CE marking which guarantees compliance with the provisions of specific technical standards for protection.

The European Regulation 2016/425 governs and defines the requirements for this personal protective equipment (PPE) (the only difference in Italy is the legislative decree of 17/2019). 
Amongst all the PPE, we find the so-called "FFP" respiratory protection masks (FFP1, FFP2, FFP3), as well as protective glasses, protective visors, certain types of gloves, certain types of gowns or protective suits, etc.

Among all the PPE we offer, we find 5 families:

Respiratory masks:
These masks are designed to protect health care workers from airborne infections.
Designed to protect the wearer against solid and liquid non-volatile particles, they filter out at least 94% of aerosols (total inward leakage less than 8%).

  • FFP2 "Filter
  • FFP2 "Shell
  • FFP2 "Duck's beak
  • FFP3 "Duck's beak

The protective visor
This transparent anti-splash and anti-fog visor will protect your face and eyes from possible droplets. This visor is supplied with 10 replaceable protective plastic sheets to extend the life of your product.


The protective gown
PP/PE 42GR: Designed for medical personnel, this protective gown offers its wearer a very high level of protection (type PB6B) against the penetration of liquids, aerosols and contaminated solid particles, as well as against infectious agents, while remaining comfortable to work in the best conditions.

Protective suit

Type 4: This disposable suit provides effective protection certified to at least type 4, acting as a barrier against most particles and liquids during patient contact: blood, body fluids, secretions and airborne particles.

Type 6: This "made in Europe" disposable suit provides effective protection certified to at least type 6, acting as a barrier against most particles and liquids during patient contact: blood, body fluids, secretions and airborne particles.


Synmax vinyl : The secrets of this revolutionary new formulation? A vinyl-hybrid base that uses latex-like properties, giving you increased tactile sensitivity. Non-sterile, elastic and strong, they offer useful protection in a wide range of applications.

Vinyl PVC: To keep you working safely and comfortably, these are non-sterile, powder-free Premium Vinyl gloves so you don't have to wash your hands. With a good sense of touch, you will keep your senses. Extra strong, they offer useful protection in a wide range of applications. 100% synthetic, they are a very good alternative for people with type I allergies.

Nitrile: These nitrile gloves are now newly formulated for softness and comfort and are even closer to latex gloves in terms of elasticity, tactile sensitivity and performance. They are widely used in the health and food sectors.

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